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Water filter with multiple cyclone filtration system, water full monitoring system easy storage for accessories
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鈻燱ater full monitoring system
鈻燱et&dry cleaning
鈻燘lower function
鈻燛asy storage for accessories
鈻燱ashable, reusable wet/dry HEPA filter
鈻燙astors bringing a convenient movement
鈻燤ultiple cyclone filtration system
Voltage / Frequency220-240V/50Hz I 100-127V50/60Hz
Moto Power(w)1000 W
Vacuum Pressure (Kpa)18 卤 1.5
Airflow (m鲁/min)1.45卤 0.5
Product Dimension(mm)348*304*531
Packaging Dimension(mm)385*340*660
Load Quantity(20鈥?40鈥?40鈥橦Q)324/690/800pcs
Standard Accessories:
Flexible hose x 1
Wet use floor tool x 1
Dry use floor tool x 1
Round brush x 1
Crevice nozzle x 1
Sofa brush x 1
Tube x 1China Vacuum Cleaner suppliers
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