Baby Products Mould Made in China

Taizhou Huangyan Migao Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. is a factory that specializes in manufacturing baby plastic daily necessities molds. It has rich experience in the production of molds for children's tables, chairs and stools.
In the era of global economy, tens of millions of infants and children are no longer "future" consumers, but real purchasing power. They have created a baby products market with a scale of hundreds of billions and an average annual growth rate of 30%. Among them, the baby plastic products industry has become a veritable "sunrise industry". As the most basic plastic baby products, children's chair molds have a huge market demand. How to get a better market share for their plastic stool products in the market competition is the pursuit of every retailer. A novel product design is essential. This will test the product design and communication skills of the mold making factory. Tens of thousands of children's chair molds are developed and put into production every year, and there are many manufacturers that can produce plastic chair and chair molds. Our advantage lies in our ability to provide customers with integrated full-process injection mold solutions. We have the most professional design team that can give customers professional advice in the early stage of product design, help improve the appearance and function of the product. Entering the 3D modeling section, we will make a professional mold design to make the final product surface gloss high, the weld line is not obvious, the gate and waterway system design is reasonable, the injection molding production time is short, and the efficiency is high.In addition, we also have our own injection molding product production line, which can provide injection molding production services according to customer needs to completely solve customers' worries.
The following is the mold information for your reference
1銆丮old steel: Import P20H銆?738H or customer specified
2銆丮old manufacturing time:About 30 days
3銆丮old surface treatment:Texture surface
4銆両njection system:Hot runner
5銆丒jection system: Ejection block
6銆丆ycle time: 70 seconds
7銆丮old life: More than 500,000 mold
8銆丮old production process flow:
Design鈥斺€擯repare mold steel鈥斺€擟NC milling鈥斺€擟NC engraving and milling鈥斺€擶ire-electrode cutting鈥斺€擡DM鈥斺€擠rill鈥斺€擯olish鈥斺€擳est mold鈥斺€擠elivery of samples鈥斺€擲hipment.
If you want to know more about baby chair mold information, please feel free to contact us.Baby Products Mould Made in China
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